Bavarian cuisine – a fulfilling experience

Visitors to Oberammergau in Bavaria should not miss out on sampling the delightful and nourishing local cuisine. The area in South Germany, which includes Munich and Oberammergau, specializes in some of the most mouthwatering delicacies you’ve ever tasted.

Brezel is a delicious soft pretzel. This delight is unforgettable when served fresh from the oven. Bagels with sausage are a staple – the bagels are bigger than usual, with a crispy brown crust and soft warm dough inside, while the white veal sausages with pork fat and spices are an outstanding delicacy. All this is made even tastier with sweet mustard on the side. Of course not to be forgotten are Bratwurst (small sausages) with Sauerkraut and wonderful potato salad.

There are also outstanding desserts of which Apfelstrudel is the most outstanding, with wonderfully thin layers of dough filled with apple Mousse or chunks of apple and served with a dollop of cream.

Bavarian food

There are endless options on Bavarian Restaurant’s menus, So much so that it is hard to know what to choose, but all are delicious, especially when accompanied by unique Bavarian Beer of which there are about 40 different types and over 4000 brands.

Speaking of beer, the world’s largest, original and most famous beer festival is Oktoberfest. This celebration is held annually in Munich, Bavaria. The festival runs from Mid-September through to the first weekend in October and every year draws in more than 6 million visitors from around the world. These celebrating patrons consume millions of liters of beer whilst enjoying all the traditional foods. In between each mouthful one can visit the many attractions on offer such as interesting stalls, participate in carnival games and enjoy amusement rides. Guten Appetit!

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