Passion Play Cast and Stage

The Passion Play cast and stage – The Passion Play (Passionsspiele) takes place in an open theatre that seats approximately 5.000 people, with a magnificent mountain background and performances take place 5 days a week from May until late September/early October. Even though the play is in German, people from around the world, many of them not religious, come to experience the fascinating way the town comes together to perform the Passion Play. It is estimated that more than half a million visitors came to Oberammergau in 2010 to see the play.

Originally the play was performed in the parish church which soon proved to be too small and it was then held in the Church graveyard. Over the years there were a number of changes, until in the 18th century the graveyard venue was also too small and the play was moved to a nearby field with a new stage having to be built each year. Eventually towards the end of the 19th century a permanent stage was built with outstanding acoustics and seating for approximately 4000 spectators. The present day stage looks very similar but has been enlarged from time to time and renovated to include comfortable seating, underfloor heating, and modern toilet facilities. It is wheelchair accessible and has a seating capacity for an audience of more than 4700.

the passion play
oberammergau passion play characters
passion play cast

Oberammergau Passion Play Characters

Passion Play Cast

In addition to the 21 main cast roles about half the inhabitants of Oberammergau devotedly re-enact the story of Jesus. None of the participants see themselves as professional actors and all have normal jobs but see the honour of taking part in the Passion Play as a reward in itself.

Oberammergau Passion Play characters

Preparations for 2022 have already begun with the exact schedule to be decided by 2017.  Rehearsals take about 10 months and in preparation for the 2022 play, in 2019 by Ash Wednesday all participants, according to tradition, will start growing their hair and the men will grow beards and by autumn 2019 rehearsals for the Passion Play will begin. Only those portraying Romans naturally do not have to grow beards.

Andreas Richter Christian
Andreas Richter Christian

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