The Village

The picturesque village of Oberammergau, in its lovely mountain setting is situated in Bavaria Germany in the district of Garmisch-Partenkiirchen near the Austrian border.

It is widely known for its Passionsspiele (Passion Play)  that is performed every 10 years. This charming town is also known for its woodcarvers who have been skilled at this craft continuously  ever since medieval  times and there are many shops that offer these wonderful carvings in a variety of sizes.

Pferdekutschfahrt bei Oberammergau

Even in the years between the enactment of the play there are many interesting places to visit.  Walking through the village itself is a fascinating experience with its splendid buildings, lovely woodcarvings and delightful traditions. There are traditional fairytale houses with colorful pictures on the exteriors, painted by artists. This is an old custom that has been carried on through the ages and continued in modern times.

The area also has some of Bavarias outstanding churches and castles.

Pilatushaus Eberhard Starosczik

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Photos of Oberamergau, cast, stage and Play in this website courtesy of Passion Play 2022 Oberammergau