Oberammergau Passion Play 2022

In 2020 a plague swept over our universe causing much damage and heartache to all its inhabitants.
We are all praying it will pass and we can get back to our normal lives and we have all taken something personal from this period in time which we would like to reflect on, in post Covid19.
A story similar to this dates back to1633 in a small village in the Bavarian Alps, Germany when the black plague swept over Europe.

Oberammergau Passion Play 2022

The small village of Oberammergau in southern Germany nestled in the picturesque tranquility of mountains tried to isolate themselves from the plague to keep its inhabitants safe. Story has it that a young homesick man came back into the village and brought the plague with him. 84 residents died. The villagers prayed to God to save them from this awful disease and in return they promised God they would perform a play every 10 years to tell Jesus’s story of Passion, His life, His death and His resurrection.

God heard their prayers and saved the village. The villagers kept their promise to God and in 1634 the first Oberammergau Passion Play was staged.
Over the years the play has attracted thousands of visitors from all around the world. Oberammergau town also has a tradition of woodcarving with some world renowned wood carvers. Today approximately 5,474 people inhabit Oberammergau.

We have the privilege of arranging your once in a lifetime experience to attend the Oberammergau Passion Play which is now rescheduled for May – October 2022.
The event which was to have taken place in May 2020 and was fully sold out with 65,000 tickets sold and was postponed due to the Corona Virus.
The Passion Play organizes and our qualified Tour Operators around the world wasted no time in getting all under control and rearranging schedules and new dates.
We have a local office in Oberammergau with a representative so you will always have a contact should you need it once there.

Most of the groups booked for 2020 have not cancelled but postponed their visit for 2022 as this is an event people dream of attending and plan well in advance.
Tickets and hotels are booked around 2 years in advance.

What is so special about the Oberammergau Passion Play:
It was made in a promise to God and its inhabitants have kept their pledge since 1633.
Only local inhabitants may participate in the play. Could be the local postman is playing the part of Jesus.

They start rehearsals for their part in the story 2 years before production.
The participants start getting ready for their parts months in advance such as growing a beard and long hair and fitting into their role of the story.
It is an open air stage with the natural sky and mountains as its backdrop.
It has a cast of 2500 local inhabitants and can hold 900 actors on the stage at the same time.
All sound, lighting and props are done by the locals.
It is a big project the whole village comes together to participate in with a long tradition and the town is a buzz of excitement. It is a part of their heritage now.
Each performance is scheduled to hold 4500 spectators. You can imagine the sound and energy around you and being swept away in history.
The play is in German which is authentic not stopped anyone attending.
It is attended by people from all countries and all denominations.

Please contact us to answer any of your enquiries regarding Oberammergau.
The Passion Play 2022 is expecting 750, 000 spectators and many have already reserved their tickets.
It will be an extra special event in 2022 with many people wishing to experience that special and meaningful event.

We will help you arrange your package deal from any part of the world and make sure your hotels are up to standard, event tickets booked, qualified guides where needed, tours and any assistance that is required is at your service. We are reliable with many years of experience in the field of special events such as Oberammergau Passion Play.