Q & A about The Passion Play 2022

Where is Oberammergau?

Oberammergau is located in Bavaria in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district.

What is the Passion Play?

The Passion Play is a theatrical show portraying the Passion of Jesus Christ: telling the story of his trial, his suffering and his crucifixion.

Where is the Passion Play held?

The Play is held in the Passionstheater Oberammergau at Othmar-Weis-Straße 1, 82487 Oberammergau

How often does the Passion Play in Oberammergau take place?

The Play has been taking place every ten years since the year 1634. The next Passion Play will take place in 2022 with performances five times a week starting with the first show on 16 May 2022  and the final performance on 4 October 2022.

How many Passion Plays have been held to date in Oberammergau?

The Play has been performed 41 times with 2022 being the 42nd.

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Who is the cast in the Passion Play?

All the cast participating in the show are citizens of Oberammergau. Only inhabitants of the village are allowed to be part of the cast.

How long is the Passion Play?

The approximate length of the Play is five and a half hours with a break of three hours during the Play

When should I book my tour?

It is highly recommended to book your tour as early as possible. The Passion Play is a highly desired experience by thousands and accommodation, guides and seats get booked up early.

How do I book a tour including the Passion Play?

We have a selection of itineraries of tours including a selection of other countries for groups and a guaranteed departure tour for individuals to join.

Can I just buy a ticket to the Show?

Purchase of tickets only will become available during 2019. We will update as soon as the sale of tickets begins.

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