Oberammergau 2010

Pilatushaus Eberhard Starosczik

Reviewing the 2010 Passion Play

The Oberammergau Passion Play that took place in 2010  proved  once again to be an outstanding artistic version of what is always a magnificent production. The splendid stage settings had a number of new tableaux, the pageantry was vibrant and the costumes wonderfully planned and designed all succeeding in bringing to life the Passion of Jesus.

Between May and October there were 103 performances with more than 1000 cast members who are all residents of the village. More than half the 5000 strong population of Oberammergau become involved with the Play in some way. They either act, sing in the choir or are part of the orchestra, as well as sew the costumes or paint and prepare the scenery. Everything is made in the village including the shields and iron helmets that are produced by the local blacksmith.

Two hours of wonderful music performed by the 60 member orchestra and choir, directed by Markus Zwink and Michael Bocklet, intensified and increased the emotionally moving impact of the play.

For the third time Christian Stuckl directed the production together with Otto Huber the deputy director and dramatic adviser and Stefan Hageneier the set and costume designer.

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