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In 2010 Vered HaSharon arranged for 120 groups from South Africa, the Philippines, Norway, Singapore and the USA to visit the picturesque Bavarian village of Oberammergau. These groups, consisting a total of approximately 5,000 people, attended the outstanding unique local production of the Passion Play. The play, which depicts the life and death of Jesus, takes place in this ancient village once every 10 years.

Prior to the event, Vered HaSharon had tour operators on the ground in Oberammergau to personally ensure quality and standard. The operators examined the hotels, located the best tour guides who possess extensive knowledge of the region around Oberammergau and booked them for the upcoming trips. The company organized and booked all hotel accommodation and arranged all the ticketing for the Passion Play as well as arranging buses for transportation to and from the Play and for touring the region.

A number of groups also stayed a few extra days, exploring the charming village with its many attractions and the surrounding area offering beautiful scenery such as the Zugspitze Mountain resort, the magnificent Riessersee Lake which has previously been used for the winter Olympics speed skating events, the Castle Linderhof and the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle as well as the Ettal monastery.

Neuschwanstein Castle
lake riessersee

Vered HaSharon also arranged, upon request, for groups wishing to tour other surrounding countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Italy to visit the many magnificent Shrines and Churches situated in those nearby countries.

Oberammergau 2010 was a very successful event, spanning over five months. Our groups left after having an experience of a lifetime that they will never forget, enriched by the history, the charm and the culture that this once-in-a-decade happening has to offer.

We are looking forward to even more groups and another successful event with Oberammergau 2022 – a unique experience personally designed to your needs and desires!

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Photos of Oberamergau, cast, stage and Play in this website courtesy of Passion Play 2022 Oberammergau